Company Profile

Welcraft Products Co.,ltd was founded by Mr. Sa-nguan Asavasithithavorn in year 1992, Mr. Sa-nguan attended Silpakorn University to study Architecture. He was in the 27th generation of Silpakorn architects during the time he enrolled. The knowledge he accumulated during college has led directly to designing and innovating new wall partitions that can used in various areas in a building, most notably toilet partitions. Hence, Welcraft products Co.,ltd has been founded with a mission “To produce good products to serve the community”.

In the year 2002 Mrs. Samolwan Asavasithithavorn has succeeded the company as the managing director. Further on with the previous company mission statement, Mrs. Samolwan has expanded the philosophy to include class leading product design and quality as an additional core value for the company. With the new direction the company takes meticulous care to the design and production of Toilet Partitions to ensure that they provide cohesive design reflecting the design language of the interior designs.

WILLY’s products were designed and developed in-house by our own product design specialists team, with the latest technology in 3D printing and 3D software aided design. In Conjunction with knowledge in universal design, the company is able to design custom specialized products. This allows us in direct control over the design principles to ensure that we could satisfy all the needs for different users.

Willy’s achievement is not only witnessed by the high domestic market share of our toilet partitions in both private and government sectors. But we have received constant acknowledgment from neighboring ASEAN countries for several decades which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

We commit to create toilet partitions that perfectly projected our customers’ design language, as well as providing a befitting product with highest precision and durability. Our products include Toilet Partitions, Locker rooms, Shower rooms, Automatic doors, Automatic faucets and our newest addition the Service Wall.

International Certification Standard Award